SourceNews24, 06 Aug 2018

Failing to submit a tax return can result in a criminal record for non-compliant taxpayers. Last month SARS published the names of 10 offenders who failed to submit their returns and who now have criminal records.

If a taxpayer is subject to an audit, and SARS finds intentional evasion, then the taxpayer will be penalised in addition to the tax that is owed. Non-compliant taxpayers can be penalised up to 200% of the tax owed, and SARS has the option to imprison the offender up to a period of two years.

Instead of doing your own calculations, always have a professional check if you are unsure about possible errors. Once the action is identified as criminal, the matter will be referred to a SARS official dealing with criminal offences to separately investigate the criminal elements.

In a civil process, the onus is on the taxpayer to prove his / her case.

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