I am absolutely passionate about showing accounting practices how they can increase their profitability by understanding how the latest technology trends can impact them, and helping them build growing revenue streams.

You can use the cloud to solve many of your challenges……

  •  Simplify the way you and your team work with software – you no longer require on-site installations,  and the cloud substantially reduces the challenge of managing this important function within your firm
  • You can easily access your client information from anywhere, on any device,  at any time
  • You can capture time or produce invoices from anywhere at any time
  • Allows for secure document exchange – you can collaborate and distribute Tax returns and financial statements to your clients in a truly secure portal environment
  • Improves and cements good client relationships using Customer Relationship Management software. These tools make it easy for you to provide high levels of service to your clients on any device at any time – even whilst you are out of the office.
  • Easily integrate with SARS using SARS E-filing. Manage client provisional returns and annual tax returns using up to date SARS information whilst synchronising this information with your own in-house CRM

Innovative solutions will allow your firm to choose between using a truly public cloud where your only access to your data is via a portal and a browser, or implementing your own private cloud, in your office, where you continue to have the data in your office , and access to the data is accessible to  all your employees is via the browser.

Good cloud products are absolutely secure and today we all use Internet banking and globally there is a move to migrate all banking and accounting applications to a secure cloud environment.

GreatSoft Cloud Solutions
GreatSoft is one of the international leaders in providing Cloud Solutions

You no longer need to be an expert to use the cloud, anybody can use it, and it has so many benefits for practices that they can’t afford to ignore it any longer.

  • It reduces barriers to entry
  • It has lower up-front costs
  • The subscription services make it easy for you to Pay only for the capacity you need and use (like electricity)
  • It allows easy secure access to any device at any time

Cloud based accounting functions are changing the face of client accounting, with banks providing clients with automated monthly income statements, further reducing costs of traditional methods of managing this function.

My advice to you is to find a reputable cloud based CRM and Accounting service provider, partner with them to help you to  streamline your practice and increase profitability.

Globally not many firms specialise in providing these services for Accountants GreatSoft is one of the  international leaders in this field.

It’s time to embrace the cloud, if you don’t you are going to get left behind…