You don’t have to be an accountant to appreciate this, but it does help.

You don’t have to be an accblog6ountant to appreciate this, but it does help.

We really are here for you! – TaskCentre Alerts that our clients can choose from.

We constantly work on developing our products and finding new ways to make our clients  lives easier and our offerings more useful.

We are very proud to note that we now have the following list of standard TaskCentre alerts that clients can choose to use going forward.



  1. ITR Returns due not submitted
  2. ITR Returns Submitted not Assessed
  3. ITR Returns Not submitted Analysis
  4. ITR Tax Return Ready for Review
  5. ITR Tax Returns Finalised
  6. Provisional Tax due this month (Provisional Tax due Next month)
  7. Provisional Calculations done but not yet submitted
  8. Assessments Received
  9. Tax Unpaid. For the Clients who uses Tax Entries
  10. Outstanding Tax Queries
  11. Missing Tax information



Working to help you. Saving you time. Making your practice more profitable.



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