GreatSoft launched Version7 in April 2005 and it was great success that immediately impacted on a lot of our customers practices.

With GreatSoft Version 2015, we took V7, and accelerated it to the next level.

If you are still using V7, or the interim release of the V10 product, then the list below will show you why you should upgrade to V2015 now.

We are very proud of the features that we built into V2015 specifically to make your job easier and your practice more efficient.



  1. V2015CRM requires only one install onto the server, there are no more desktop installs
    1. This means all users PC’s are up to date with the latest software updates
    2. No more unnecessary down-time for staff capturing time sheets
    3. Saving  time no longer attending each machine to install software.
  2. The Dashboard view in V2015 makes access programs like Tax and Sec very easy, you no longer have to leave the screen to access other programs.
  3. V2015 allows you the ability to either host your own database or to have it hosted by a 3rd party hosting company, or using GreatSoft hosted services. You can now either access your data internally using the intranet (not going outside of your network) or externally with a web connection and your team can access their data from anywhere at anytime on any device
  4. There will be no more excuses for time and expenses not to be in and updated timeously, as V2015 has the ability to capture time and expenses from any supported mobile device.
  5. With V2015, data capturing becomes even less onerous and more secure for the individual. All the data is now stored on the servers and no longer managed via the Employees PC.
  6. Document storage has never been easier and V2015 has the ability to upload supporting documents for staff and client information, and these documents are stored directly under the staff or client name.
    1. These feature vastly improves access to these documents and they are always available online. When this is used together with the integrated Secure Document exchange system storage costs related to physical paper that needs to be filed are reduce dramatically.
    2. Finding documents does not mean searching through boxes or storage files anymore.
  7. V2015 CRM allows you to assign tasks to staff at any time during communication with the team, and if required reminders can be setup to alert to anybody including yourself of pending deadlines.
    1. This function will make sure no important tasks falls through the cracks, reducing risk and potentially could save you thousands on client penalties.
    2. You can copy full email correspondence into the system and setup  reminders to follow up, creating a proactive approach with your clients.
  8. All reports have been re-written to maximise the power of the web platform, this means that you are no longer reliant on the local machine’s processing capabilities.
    1. All reports can be accessed for any module in one central place.
    2. The capability of marking reports as your own personal favorite, ensures that your reports that you require to manage your data, is always easily available from the dashboard. This function reduces the need to continuously select the criteria required to display your personal report.
    3. Taking any report to either Excel or PDF appears exactly like you see it on the screen, there is no need to edit the reports afterwards.
  9. Improved security Uses for MLS (Menu Level Security) giving you full control of which staff member is allowed to see what information.
  10. The Client contacts have been improved. You now only create a contact once and then attach that contact to a company in their correct role. Client contacts can be attached to multiple companies and you manage the relationship in one place. This improves the communication with your clients and ensure no more duplicate mailers or correspondence are sent erroneously to your client.

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