Accountants getting the most value for their time?

What would you say if a fellow accountant told you that by implementing some basic system changes their practice was now earning an additional R 5,000 per billable employee, per month?

Our clients tell me this all the time!

For a 15 staff practice – the right software system can mean an additional R900,000 per year to their bottom line.

That’s nearly a million Rand per year. And it’s pure profit.

This is why I get excited coming to work and THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS OUR SOFTWARE WON THE PRESTIGIOUS 2015 FNB BUSINESS INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD. The right software – that understands an accounting practices pain points – can create real change! 

Most accounting firms continue to be handicapped by inefficient internal practices, which result in employees wasting valuable time on administrative tasks.

Firms can easily solve this with tried and tested practice management software systems that are proven to reduce process-based inefficiencies.

It’s really just about a change in mindset and embracing proven technology.

We find that we save our clients an average of R 5,000 per employee per month.

Just with the implementation of good automated software systems.

If you also want to reduce inefficiency within your practice,  and improve productivity – then take the time to find out just how easy and cost effective implementation can be.

Use this calculator tool to see just how much your firm can save. Just enter the number of billable employees in your firm.