Bruce Morgan – Endeavor Entrepreneur and winner of the FNB Business Innovations Award 2015

FNB Business Innovations Award winner

Endeavor South Africa introduces Bruce Morgan, Endeavor Entrepreneur and winner of the FNB Business Innovations Award 2015.

Bruce explains a little about GreatSoft and describes his Endeavor experience.

A great introduction, to a a great company – GreatSoft.

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FNB Business Innovations Award winner : Transcript

My name is Bruce Morgan I’m the CEO to Greatsoft. 
My bank manager contacted me and asked me if he could nominate me for the FNB Innovation Awards. The more I got involved the more exciting that became but also the endeavor process has been an awakening for us because it’s given us amazing confidence in ourselves.
We just didn’t realize the value that we had in the business thing when we won it and we were obviously very  surprised and excited we analysed some of the reasons why we thought we won at and I think the reason is is really that:
1. We are an established business.
2. We are really poised for growth.
3. CRM 2015 product which we had just release the cloud-based version is brand-new and that can take us Global.
What gave us the edge I think was the fact that we were ripe ready and ready to do it there and then
International selection panel at San Francisco for me was really one of the highlights of the year in fact one of our lots of my life we had three different selection selection panels you really had to be on a game we really had to understand what we’re doing where we going and while we’re doing it and they were really helped make sure that I was prepared for those questions.
I came out of this so so so excited our vehicle being GreatSoft CRM is poised to actually take this thing further
If I can explain the value that my advisory board advisory boards appointed for me the questions that they asked at a board meeting or advisory meeting was fantastic, I couldn’t pay for that, with endeavor and this is a very much a theme that endeavor have is they want entrepreneurs
to be able to give back so I’m part of an advisory board for another business who’s also trying to grow I must say the experience has been  exhilarating it’s given me self-confidence and a lot of excitement for the future