GreatSoft Payroll = Axia Payroll + Greatsoft CRM – Why it makes so much sense

4 February 2016

By: Dereck Gibbs

Most business decision makers are looking for software solutions that enable their businesses without having to increase complexity, risk and cost. Accounting Firms are no different.

Imagine subscribing to software and not paying massive license fees, imagine paying only for what you use and not for a massive system you only ever use 20% of, imagine not having to put down expensive infrastructure to host and support the software, imagine not having to worry about compliance around legislation such as POPI, imagine automated data integration between your Practise Management software and the payroll?

Well, now you can stop imagining and start believing.

Over the past 30 years Axia Payroll has developed and evolved into a world class, cloud based employee management system. With a presence in over 13 African countries as well as the Middle East and now in the UK, Axia is ideally poised for rapid global expansion.

Enter GreatSoft, market leaders in Practise Management software with an established and significant customer base, with their newly released cloud-based Practise Management offering and 15 years of Accounting Practise Software experience. The two have combined to form the most compelling integrated platform that can be offered on private or public cloud basis with pre-configured best practice configuration out the box.

It doesn’t end there for Accounting Practises, or any other company wanting to offer payroll as a service for that matter – because we now give you the ability to manage multiple legal entities, multiple tax states and multiple pay frequencies from a single multi-tenanted instance of the software.

GreatSoft Payroll revolutionises the traditional payroll bureau model; offering scale, control, flexibility and access to new markets like never before.