Imagine one fully integrated statutory compliance system that allowed you to manage all your critical secretarial processes in one central place

Has this ever happened in your auditing or accounting firm or practice?

Your client wants a copy of his company register and he wants it NOW. You open your safe and dive into your archive of files. Finally you find the relevant registers and run your eyes over them to make sure they are up to date.

Frantically you fill in the last few share transfers and plunk it on the scanner to make copies. By now you have taken half an hour to locate the registers and another half an hour to update and scan them in. Your client only pays you once a year, not for the time you have taken to send him his register.

When it comes to performing secretarial tasks, many productive hours are often wasted by the need to locate and check the relevant information, and the integrity can easily be compromised.

Client files and documents are stored in multiple locations, making it difficult to track the status of transactions and secretarial work in progress.

Making the problem worse is that most electronic registers are still maintained separately from the central CRM and invoicing system. It normally sits on a local PC somewhere in somebody’s office. The risk of losing all of that information in one theft or crash is almost immeasurable.

Nowdays, the compilation of electronic board packs and convenience of digital signatures are becoming increasingly essential, but are not always practically possible. Thousands of Rands are spent on printing out board packs and signed copies often still need to be manually scanned in and submitted.

For both large and smaller firms, an integrated solution has become mission critical.

GreatSoft offers a fully integrated statutory compliance system that will allow you to manage all these processes in one central place – all client information, registers, supporting documentation (digital and scanned documents) and flexible reports at your fingertips. Such an implementation will connect all the loose ends, helping you to cut down on administration time and free up time to focus on growing your business.

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