How to manage your WIP, keep on top of your staff, and be more profitable

One of the biggest challenges accounting and auditing firms face on a daily basis is not knowing how far they are on projects, whether they are on budget, or which staff members have worked on specific projects.

Not knowing these answers, and not being in a position to be proactive with these results – can have a huge impact on the bottom line of a practice.

You can’t afford to wait until month end, or the end of a project, to see if you are making or losing money.

Your practice needs to have effective systems and software to help you identify and rectify any of these problems before it is too late.

A well implemented and managed practice management solution will help you manage your WIP better by notifying you as you reach certain milestones in your work. At milestones such as 70% or 80% of budget reached, you will be notified so that you can take appropriate measures  such as reallocating work to lower paid staff in order to come in on budget and avoid write-offs.

Contact us today to make sure that your CRM software allows you to:

  • Access data from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • View Staff productivity from your mobile device
  • Receive alerts when staff are not completing timesheets
  • Receive alerts based on wide range of personalized requirements
  • Receive alerts when a project has reached a defined percentage of completion.
  • Receive alerts about your client’s annual duty anniversaries
  • Receive alerts when your client goes into a 60 or 90 days debtors