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If you employ any domestic staff, by law you should be providing them with official monthly payslips.

Not only is this a basic legislative requirement, it is also a simple moral requirement.

Many employers simply don’t realise the impact that not doing this can have on their employees lives, and the real risk that this places them under.

Without something as simple as an official monthly payslip, your employees can never claim UIF, Maternity Leave benefits, or even do something as simple as apply for a study loan for their own children to improve their lives. Your domestic employees will not be able to claim any of these benefits, no matter how many letters you write or bank statements you show.
They will need to produce a history of official payslips. Nothing else.

A South African software development company has recognised that a single, simple piece of paper can positively impact and change literally millions of lives – and they have launched a completely free-for-use platform that provides automated official monthly payslips for domestic employees.

GreatSoft Payroll Lite is a free online platform that allows Employers of domestic staff to register their domestic employees on a secure cloud based payroll platform.
The registration process is so simple that anyone can follow it and takes under five minutes.
Once you have done this once-off registration, you can then print out monthly self-generated payslips with complete ease. These payslips are fully compliant with all legislation and automatically calculate UIF deductions for you. It couldn’t be easier.

Employee Benefits:
This gives your employees a history of official payslips, without which they can never claim UIF, can never claim maternity leave benefits, and they cannot even begin to do something as simple as apply for a loan for their kids to study. It also lets employees know exactly how much UIF is meant to be being paid on their behalf. It is completely free, no strings attached.

Employer Benefits:
This helps you, the employer, to become completely legislatively compliant.
It is very quick to register for the first time and thereafter it is automated.
This is a simple “one-time” entry of data – and thereafter everything is automated and you can simply print out monthly payslips.
It has been designed to be very quick and easy, a simple step-by-step process.
It is completely free.
It automatically calculates UIF and other deductions for you.
It gives you peace of mind that you are doing the right thing by your employees.

Do the right thing and take the first step towards making your domestic employees legislatively compliant. Take a few minutes from your schedule and provide your employees with official monthly payslips. It could literally not be easier.
You will need your employees names and ID numbers – that’s all – All the other registration details you will already know.

Click on the link below to see how easy the process is:

This is an important Corporate Social Initiative that offers real benefits to millions of South Africans. GreatSoft is a company that genuinely believes that corporate South Africa should be looking at how they can use their specific skills, tools and processes to making a real and measureable contribution to changing our country for the better and addressing our national challenges.

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