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A new South African free-to-use online platform is transforming domestic workers lives through innovative solutions and paving the way for other South African corporates to use what they have, to create real change in our country

Cape Town, November 6th, 2017: Vulnerable and invisible people in society also deserve opportunities in South Africa’s growing economy.

This is possible within the ethos of South Africa’s Constitution, in which specific attention has been paid to ensuring equity, with emphasis on the emancipation and empowerment of women. That said, many of South Africa’s one million domestic workers still battle low pay, long working hours, sexual harassment, and verbal abuse at their workplaces. These long-suffering house helpers are usually expected to be “invisible” and their troubles as a result mostly go unnoticed.
The Department of Labour guidelines stipulate that every domestic worker must receive, on payday, a payslip showing various details including period of payment, domestic worker’s rate and overtime rate, wage, details of deductions and leave due. But some employers are not adhering to these laws, leaving domestic workers vulnerable.

“Although government departments and corporates are seeking solutions to the plight of domestic workers, employers continue to abuse domestic workers and pay them slave wages and often fail to make reasonable accommodation, such as issuing payslips or registering workers with the Department of Labour,” says Myrtle Witbooi, General Secretary of the South African Domestic Service, and Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU) and Chairperson of the International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN).

However, GreatSoft, a proudly South African software company, and other organisation such as SADSAWU believe domestic workers deserve better.  GreatSoft aims to uplift and support economic growth of the domestic workers’ industry by enabling them and their employers to comply with the country’s labour laws.

The company has developed a free-to-use payroll platform to ensure that both employers and employees are fully compliant with labour laws. GreatSoft’s has created a simple, free payroll solution much-needed by domestic workers and responsible employers. The new innovative solution known as “Payroll Lite” is a free-to-use online platform that allows employers to register their domestic workers on GreatSoft’s secure cloud-based payroll platform.  Registering is a simple process that anyone can follow and can be complete in less than five minutes.

“This solution is of particular importance given the lack of monitoring with compliance of laws governing domestic workers, especially issuing of payslips, which is an area that is not seen as crucial for the development of our society,” says Mr. Bruce Morgan, the CEO of GreatSoft.

Once an employer has loaded the worker’s information on the platform, he or she can then print monthly self-generated payslips with complete ease. What’s more exciting is that GreatSoft has ensured that these payslips are fully compliant with all legislation and automatically calculate UIF and other deductions.

This innovation solution adds value for employers by enabling them to comply with labour laws and address moral and ethical obligations.

By using GreatSoft’s Payroll Lite, employers would enable domestic workers to claim their UIF, maternity benefits and qualify for credit. As part of its reputation as a good corporate citizen, the software company will pay for, and running a radio campaign highlighting its “very simple, quick, easy free solution”. Adoption of this innovative payroll solution developed by GreatSoft leaders is key to empowering domestic workers and their employers.

SADSAWU must encourage its members to use this free payroll service. Employers must embrace it wholeheartedly and view it as an innovative solution to complying with the country’s labour laws. In turn this will create a true balance between government requirements, employers needs and domestic workers’ ambitions.

“Corporate leaders that treat corporate social responsibility as add-on or nice thing to do may step back, but for us we believe in adding value in our society such as uplifting those who are vulnerable,” says Mr Jean Pick, the Managing Director at GreatSoft.

“We have added Payroll Lite to our payroll product to ensure that we play our part in the development of our young democracy and help it with its people to flourish.”

Click here to download the free platform and load up to 2 x domestic employees for free:

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