Pay It Forward! – Letter Template

If you would like to Pay It Forward and offer our free payroll platform to your clients, friends, staff and family – simply copy the text below, paste it into an email body copy and edit it as you would like.

Paying it forward.

This season we are partnering with GreatSoft to launch a powerful corporate social responsibility project and positively impacting on hundreds of thousands of vulnerable families over the next few years. What better gift to give, then to give a vulnerable family security and hope?

Pay it Forward! We are able to share this platform first with all of our partners and clients, so that you can access Free Monthly Payslips for Domestic Workers.
This new initiative is an innovative free online payroll platform for employers to provide up to two domestic employees with free automated monthly payslips. You too can Pay It Forward, and to spread this free gift among your own friends, clients, staff and family this festive season.

There are approximately one million domestic workers in South Africa. The majority of them do not get official monthly payslips. Without payslips they can never claim UIF, Maternity benefits, or even do something as simple as apply for a bank loan.

Sign up your own domestic workers! You and your family can sign up for your own free payslips for your own personal domestic workers here, and you can help spread the word on this amazing free initiative.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable festive season

Kind regards

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