GreatSoft Payroll is the ideal executive Payroll Solution for South African businesses.

Are you looking for a South African Payroll Solution that works for your business?

No matter how large or small your needs are, GreatSoft’s Enterprise Payroll Solution is as easy as ready … set … GO!
Developed and evolved over 30 years our award-winning software-company provides you with a risk free and easy to implement South African developed Payroll Solution.

Compare our offering, you won’t be disappointed!

Key Benefits

  • Secure, Confidential Executive Payroll
  • Easy to use, Cloud based, Zero foot-print on devices accessing the software
  • Built in statutory compliance
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Subscription fee based with an all-in-one per payslip fee
  • Integrates and automates with your existing HR software
  • Allows multiple pay frequencies, legal entities, tax states from a single instance of the software
  • Centrally hosted, easily managed, no infrastructure required

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