Accounting firms can now create additional income streams & grow their client base

As an accounting firm you can now create an additional income stream by becoming a Payroll Bureau Service to all your clients!

GreatSoft clients can now seamlessly integrate a Bureau Payroll function into their existing GreatSoft systems.

Besides saving time and creating efficiency, this will create additional income stream opportunities for your practice.

GreatSoft Payroll is a world class, cloud based employee management system. Developed and evolved over 30 years our Payroll solution combines the strengths, experience and expertise of our team of eighty staff to present a risk free opportunity that you to offer to your existing clients as a competitive and easy to implement Bureau Service.

Not only will this strengthen your relationships with your existing clients – it is also a great tool for leveraging new clients and building your practice.

Contact us today to get more information and prices about this fantastic new integrated offering.

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