Have you just emerged through the Provisional One Tax Submission Process feeling battered and bruised?

For many accounting firms, August will have been an endless cycle of signing in to e-Filing and submitting return, after return, after return…
For many accounting firms August will have been a month of late nights in the office with the threat of late submission looming larger and larger each day.

But imagine if

Imagine what your August could have been like if you had a Tax Calculator that did all the work for you?
Imagine if you could have had more time for your family, more time for yourself, and more time to focus on what was important for your business.
Imagine you had a Tax Calculator that had allowed you to go home on time – while it stayed at the office – and submitted the returns to e-Filing for you while you were sleeping.
Imagine arriving at work the next morning, relaxed in the knowledge that your Tax Calculator had downloaded the returns – and all the associated documentation – for you – by the time you got to your desk.

Well, if you were a GreatSoft client, using the GreatSoft Tax Calculator you would not need to use your imagination. This would have been your reality.
This is what our clients would have experienced in August: A stress free submission of Provisional One returns. So if you want to experience a stress free October, when it’s time for your annual submissions – or maybe you want to spend your time on what is important to you – then contact GreatSoft to find out more about what our Tax Calculator can do for you and your firm!

086 147 3281 info@greatsoft.co.za
086 147 3281 info@greatsoft.co.za

086 147 3281 info@greatsoft.co.za

086 147 3281 info@greatsoft.co.za