GreatSoft Cloud’s Five Important Load Shedding Tips for Firms!

With load shedding very likely to remain a part of our lives for a while longer, here are five important tips that all companies and firms can implement without investing money.

Five Important Load Shedding Tips for Firms  

  1. Ensure all hardware that is not connected to a UPS system & generator – is shut down BEFORE load shedding happens. Switch your servers off 10 minutes before power goes off in order to prevent any hardware failures.


  1. Ensure that backups are well maintained and are up to date so that data is not lost.


  1. Appoint a specific member of staff – or a team – to take control of your load-shedding management, and track & schedule all load shedding times and stages. This person should communicate when devices need to be switched off.


  1. Find out the best website links for your location to give you accurate load shedding schedules.


  1. If you use a software partner like GreatSoft, ask about switching over to cloud hosting – this will allow you to access your servers and data during load shedding, and will automatically keep your data safe and secure.

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