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Bruce Morgan thinks he has the best job in the world. He knows a lot about helping time based CRM practitioners become more efficient and profitable and is passionate about showing them how to make more money by using appropriate technologies. He is CEO of GreatSoft (Pty) Ltd, a world class cloud based business, an Endeavor Entrepreneur and the winner of the FNB Business Innovations Award 2015.

Bruce Morgan, CRM opinion leader.

CEO of GreatSoft (Pty) Ltd

How GreatSoft Payroll can benefit to small and medium accountants

“Accountants and Auditors are looking to grow their revenue streams now that the audit infrastructure and requirements have changed and they no longer need to audit all of their clients – and they need to replace that revenue in some shape or form”

– Bruce Morgan, GreatSoft CEO – explaining how GreatSoft Payroll will benefit small and medium accountants.

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Bruce Morgan – Endeavor Entrepreneur and winner of the FNB Business Innovations Award 2015

Endeavor South Africa introduces Bruce Morgan, Endeavor Entrepreneur and winner of the FNB Business Innovations Award 2015.

Bruce explains a little about GreatSoft and describes his Endeavor experience.

A great introduction, to a a great company – GreatSoft

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A South African Payroll Solution that helps Accounting firms generate additional revenue

With the option of cloud computing, accounting firms no longer need to invest heavily in technology and software. Even smaller firms no longer have a barrier to entry to play in the field and make additional profits.

This short video introduces GreatSoft Payroll – a cloud based Payroll solution that will help accountants make more money and supplement their revenue by allowing them to cost effectively provide Payroll bureau services to their own clients in a professional and secure way.

To get more detail about this product and find out how you can generate additional revenue by offering a Payroll Bureau service to your clients – please fill in the request form on the right.

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Cloud Concerns for Tax and Accounting

Author: Jeff Borschowa Source: Tax Pro Centre  “The biggest struggles for tax accountants are managing information and client communication.” I should warn you that I have personally adopted cloud solutions in my business and personal life in any manner possible. I...

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Five Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Tax Season

Author: Dorinda DeScherer Source: Tax Pro Center  "The success of the upcoming tax season will depend on something less tangible – the efforts of you and your staff members." You may have a well-appointed office, state-of-the-art computers, a complete tax library and...

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New – Innovative Payroll Software Solution

A fantastic new integrated Payroll software offering that will not only save your firm time and money, but can also create the opportunity for you to generate additional revenue by becoming outsourced Payroll service bureaus to your own clients. GreatSoft has...

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