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GreatSoft’s online payroll software is a high performance, easy to use cloud based payroll solution for everyone from SME’s to large international firms.

We help our clients to look after and grow their most valuable company assets – their employees. Our clients tell us we are the best payroll software for everyone from SME’s to international firms. Our 30 years of payroll experience reduces the risk of managing your payroll and you are assured complete peace of mind knowing that our online payroll solution is supported by our strong national team.

GreatSoft Payroll Software

Our Cloud Based, risk free, easy to use, international Payroll Software was developed with you in mind to simplify your payroll processes by our award winning team. We integrate seamlessly with most book-keeping and accounting packages and your transition to GreatSoft Payroll will be quick, easy and painless.

payroll Software


GreatSoft provides an ideal platform from which to provide payroll services.

Leave Management

Powerful yet User-Friendly workflow driven Leave Management System that not only complies with all the BCEA requirements, but can also be configured to suite any Size Company with their unique policy and procedures.

Job Costing

Need to compare the income you made from a job to the expenses you provide as a service. GreatSoft payroll has just the solution for you.

Employee Self Service

Tired of Updating payslip information from various sources like email, Scribbled notes left on your desk, then ask about our Employee Self-service where employee engagement is essential submitting Business km travelled, Overtime hours worked or even repaying Company expenses incurred by the employee.

Free Payroll Lite

Are you looking for our Free Personal Payroll Platform for your staff?

GreatSoft's Payroll Software is Legislatively compliant and we cater for our individual clients needs
- Pierre Scheepers

payroll Software Module
  • Multi-tenanted allowing for multiple companies to be securely hosted on a single instance of the system. Perfect for Bureau Payroll services
  • Powerful Transactional import function to allow for quick salary updates, or ad hoc changes to employee payslips
  • Invite your accountant to log in and process your IRP5/IT3(a) E@syfile submission, or keep an eye over your Payruns
  • Payroll interfaces with industry standard general ledgers
  • White-Labelled to represent your organisation’s branding
  • Provides an ideal platform from which to provide payroll services
  • Various reports and analytics on demand
  • Can be accessed and administer from anywhere at any time
  • No – Hidden costs, you pay for what you’ve used

Payroll Software Modules

The GreatSoft Payroll module allows:
  • Multi-legal entity, multi-pay frequency, multi- tax state organisation handled in a single payroll
  • Easy to navigate Employee Administration
  • Extensive Search facility including Employee Name, Employee Number, ID Number, Position and Structure to name a few
  • Ad Hoc payments are easily managed to cater for out of the norm payments to be made. You can even pay terminated employees without the hassle of re-instating them
  • Multiple package structures including Total Cost to Company and Basic + Benefits or a combination of the two
  • Never worry about updating any Medical aid contributions as GreatSoft Payroll manages your Medical Aid scheme contributions for you

Leave Management

The GreatSoft Payroll Leave Modules includes:
  • Automated Leave management system allows for employers to enforce Leave policies fairly and accurately
  • Manager Self Service for Manager, allows for better planning resources and evaluating leave impact on already schedules tasks
  • Employee-Self Service allowing employees to view leave balances for various types of leave and plan accordingly
  • Fully support attachment upload such as Sick notes
  • Built in notification system facilities leave applications and approval
  • Comprehensive report allowing for the management of Leave liability
  • Direct Integration to GreatSoft CRM Time Sheet system
payroll Software Leave Management
  • Cloud Based Leave management system
  • Reduce cost throughout the Organisation
  • Customisable to unique Company Policy and Procedures
  • Standard BCEA rules apply
  • Effective Leave Tracking and Management reduce costs
  • This greatly assists in planning resources and evaluating leave impact on already scheduled tasks
  • Managers / Administrators can make better decisions when it comes to employee Leave concerns.
  • Completely paper free environment
payroll Software Employee Self Service
  • Cloud based , no maintenance required
  • Completely Paperless
  • Upload of attachments to accommodate the claim (Parking slips etc.)
  • Self-service is secure

Employee Self Service

The GreatSoft Payroll Employee Self Service module includes:
  • Employees can submit various types of claims such as: Overtime at various rates, Shifts worked, Travel for business km or even Overtime in lieu of Leave for approval
  • The Workflow driven module allows managers to control the various input from employees by approving, declining, or querying the application made
  • Approved claims are then submitted to Finance approval for either Ad-Hoc Payments to be made or part of normal month end payslip
  • Reducing the risk of the Human factor by processing vital Payroll information from spreadsheets or manual entries
  • Create a completely paper free environment and reduce the risk and time spend capturing vital payroll information from
  • Can be customized to suite any company policy and procedure

Payroll Compliance

GreatSoft Payroll compliance and the Acts that govern your payroll:
  • Basic conditions of Employement (BCEA - Act)
  • Skills Development and Skills Development Levies Act (SDL - Act)
  • Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act (UIF – Act)
  • Income Tax Act
  • Employment Tax Incentive Act (ETI – Act)
  • Compensation for Occupational Injusries and Deseases Act (OID or WCA – Act)
  • Employment Equity Act
payroll Software Payroll Complience
  • Quick accurate calculations of the Acts that govern your payroll
  • Automatic updates if any changes are made
  • No Costly software downloads
  • Comprehensive Payroll Telephonic Assistance

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