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GreatSoft’s business intelligence dashboard for accountants allows you to view your entire practice in a single snapshot.

GreatSoft’s business intelligence dashboard is designed to help you manage your firm more effectively with deeper insight and access to information. A BI tool will help you identify the root cause of problems in your practice so that you can implement effective changes. Identifying the root cause of problems is not always easy, so GreatSoft has developed an unbelievable new Business Intelligence Tool to do this for you!

Six reasons why you & your partners need this tool!

See Numbers Differently

A picture really is worth a thousand words! You look at numbers all day – now experience how powerful it can be to see them from a different angle.
Our powerful visuals & graphs make it easier to identify trends, spot underperformance and improve understanding and information.

Make Better Decisions

The numbers don’t ever lie, but it’s not always easy to spot them! Make sure that you see everything and never overlook important data, figures or anomalies. Seeing the whole picture means that you can take fact-based decisions. You will notice things about your business you never even knew were there.

Transform Your Meetings

No more Excel sheets – now you can use a live, interactive tool to drive your meetings and make sure that you have a real-time view of all your performance metrics with accurate data and visual graphs. It is honest and accurate and there is nowhere to hide. Meeting preparation becomes obsolete, because you are looking at live metrics.

Your Whole Firm in a Snapshot

Instantly view all aspects of your firm’s performance in a series of customised Snapshots! Whether you need an instant snapshot view of Debtors, Work in Progress, Partners or Managers – it is all now just a click away.

Drill Down into the Detail

When you can identify the root cause of recurring issues your business will start to grow! Our BI Dashboard allows you to drill down into figures, regions, departments or red flags. Easily compare past vs. current performance on hours, billings and collections. Uncover detail you never knew you could.

Consolidate Your Business View
Get a singular birds-eye-view of your entire practice! Compare & measure the performance of different departments or regions in one consolidated view. Our easy to understand single-screen “dashboard” brings together all your critical facts & figures in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Why you need GreatSoft’s Power BI


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