GreatSoft Payroll Bureau Software

GreatSoft Payroll Bureau Software is a perfect application for accountancy firms to build and manage a successful infrastructure, by giving them the tools needed to get the job done. Looking at providing a turnkey bureau service to your clients? Then GreatSoft Payroll is for you!

Loved by businesses. Respected by experts.

25 Years of product evolution!

For years GreatSoft has helped many accountancy practitioners of any size to build and manage a successful infrastructure, by giving them the tools needed to get the job done.

We know our clients are the experts in their fields, so it is only fair that we provide them with the state-of-the-art solution to handle any size business. With great partners and experts in the field, GreatSoft Payroll has built the perfect solution for your business, no matter the size.

Our products are built using ISO standards and we are part of the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa

Scalable, Performant, and Fault-Tolerant Bureau Software

Our experience has taught us that no two businesses are alike, and that is what you will find in GreatSoft Payroll. A truly flexible and complete payroll solution that was designed with you, the client in mind.

Easy onboarding processes

Multi tenant capabilities

Compliant with SA Acts and regulations

Make client engagement a breeze

GreatSoft Payroll Bureau Software is affordable and offers an exceptional user experience. It also provides all of the tools you need for onboarding, payroll processing, tax filing, and reporting

The complete solution for your business

Leave Management

Automated Leave management system allows for employers to enforce Leave policies fairly and accurately.

Legislative Compliant

Quick accurate calculations of the Acts that govern your payroll with automatic updates when changes are made.

Document Storage

A powerful feature in Payroll for user restricted document storage. Store personal and company wide documentation as well as IRP5/IT3 Tax certificates.

Employee Self Service

Allows your employees to access their payroll, schedules, and benefits information, make updates to their own details and more.

Payment Processing

Compare the income you made from a job to the expenses you provide as a service. GreatSoft payroll provides a powerful tool to make this task easy.

General Ledger Integration

Exports available for various accounting systems to automate the income statement and balance sheet accounts.

Updates with regards to the Labour Laws and Regulations, are implemented timely and without any delay on the Payroll system.

This system is user friendly and very efficient with regards to the payroll administration process. We implemented the Leave administration system of GreatSoft for our firm. This gives us adequate control procedures over the availability of our staff.
– H Park | Professional Accountant (SA)

Quick and Adaptable to Change

Quick adaption to change of employee benefits, even across countries, sudden changes in legislation or just improvements.

Accurate calculations of the Acts that govern your payroll

Basic conditions of Employement (BCEA - Act), Skills Development and Skills Development Levies Act (SDL - Act), Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act (UIF – Act), Income Tax Act, Employment Tax Incentive Act (ETI – Act), Compensation for Occupational Injusries and Deseases Act (OID or WCA – Act) and Employment Equity Act

ISO Certification

GreatSoft Business Directory

Here are some examples of great clients of GreatSoft using its Payroll Software. GreatSoft highly recommends these companies. If you are looking great company to outsource your payroll function to then these are the companies you can contact.

A small accounting firm in the Southern Cape that delivers dedicated and personal accounting and tax related services.
The VenterKennedy team consists of Accountants, Accounting Officers for Close corporations, Brokers, Payroll, Auditors, Tax-, VAT-, Legal-, and Financial Consultants.
Delivering Comprehensive Services relating to accounting, taxation, financial, HR & payroll advisory services and related training
Boutique firm specialising in tax, auditing, accounting and payroll for small to large clients.
We have a dedicated team that provides a one-stop solution for businesses from advice on computerised systems, payroll management, monthly bookkeeping, tax planning and advice to keep you compliant at all times.
I have been in the industry for 15 years. I specialise in the accounting and auditing sectors and specifically in audits of Bodies Corporate. I also perform monthly payroll and other taxation services.
086 147 3281
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