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GreatSoft’s online company secretarial software is an all-in-one secretarial software solution based in the cloud.

If you are constantly bogged down in secretarial work, or struggling to keep track of CIPC registrations and submissions, then our company secretarial software will make your secretarial duties a breeze and reduce the workload of managing your company secretarial administration. GreatSoft’s company secretarial software is browser-based, which means that you can log into your secure portal and manage your client’s secretarial affairs from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

GreatSoft Secretarial


Manage Registers for different Entity types​

No more need for the large red register books, piles of papers or endless spreadsheets. Find out how!

Workflow and Form Filler​

The built-in workflow system automatically populates required forms while the form filler allows users to quickly & easily complete ad hoc forms

Public Interest Score Calculator

With all your clients & entities already on GreatSoft, you can calculate & save Public Interest Scores all on one system

Annual Returns​

GreatSoft Secretarial lets you quickly & easily monitor any CIPC annual returns due & track their progress too

Why you need GreatSoft’s Secretarial software

  • Full history of changes
  • All required forms automatically populated in workflow
  • Reports can be exported to PDF, Word© or Excel©
  • Accessible anywhere anytime
  • Full registers available at your fingertips
  • Registers can be updated and relevant forms populated more speedily
  • Different security rights can be assigned to users

Manage Registers for different Entity types

With GreatSoft Secretarial, you can create & maintain your entities’ registers electronically and access these registers on the go, anytime and anywhere. Each register contains a full statutory history of the entity, such as director changes, share allotments and share transfers. Workflow is automatically generated for all transactions recorded with no date registered.

A variety of reports, including a Register of Directors and Register of Transfers, can be extracted from the registers and exported to PDF, Microsoft Word© or Microsoft Excel©. Supporting documents can also be uploaded into different categories in the register easily and securely.

Workflow and Form Filler

We have built-in workflow for each transaction recorded in an entity’s register without a date of registration. The forms and documents included in each workflow item are automatically populated with all the relevant information, although these can be manually amended if necessary before being saved or printed. Additional filters on forms allow users to change or populate certain fields with specific data.

The Form Filler contains all forms necessary when performing the secretarial compliance function, as well as certain other document templates. These forms are blank and can be completed onscreen for ad hoc transactions or once-off projects.

  • Populated forms and documents are automatically generated for pending transactions
  • Workflow items can be tracked and therefore progress of pending items can be monitored
  • Ad hoc forms and documents can be completed on the form filler rather than by hand
  • Saves you time
  • Allows you to track pending items in the workflow
  • Simple and easy tracking facility
  • Ability to send batch letters to clients regarding their annual returns due
  • Extract a report of all annual returns data by month and/or year
  • Ensures that no annual return falls through the cracks
  • The batch letter facility saves you time

Annual Returns​

GreatSoft Secretarial lets you track and maintain your entities’ CIPC annual returns. With our star system, one can easily see which annual returns have not yet been started, which are still pending & which have already been submitted. Moreover, you can track:

  • CIPC duty amounts
  • Payment dates
  • Payment methods
  • Annual return submission dates
  • Annual financial statements submission dates

The system also enables you to send letters to your clients, either individually or in batches, notifying them of their upcoming annual returns.

Public Interest Score Calculator​

Using the same star system as the CIPC annual returns, you can easily calculate and maintain your entities’ Public Interest (‘PI’) Scores. Due to the fact that the PI Score calculator runs off of your existing client database, the entities’ details are already there – you simply capture certain items such as the total third party liability of the entity and its total turnover for the year before clicking on ‘Calculate’.

PI Scores which have been calculated can be seen in the entity’s CRM profile and are also included in the IRBA client list report.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Linked to your existing client database
  • Our unique star system makes it easy to see which PI Scores have not yet been calculated
  • Different security rights can be assigned to users
  • PI Scores are included in the client report for IRBA
  • PI Scores are reflected in the Client Enquiry in CRM too

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