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2024 Tax Filing Season Updates

2024 Filing Season Updates and Key Dates

As we approach the 2024 filing season, it’s crucial to stay informed about important dates and changes. Whether you’re an individual taxpayer, a tax practitioner, or a GreatSoft system user, here’s what you need to know: Individual Filing Season Dates and Updates Start Date: The official filing season for both provisional and non-provisional individual taxpayers

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Beneficial Ownership
Company Secretarial

Beneficial Ownership (BO)

The BO Deadline has come and gone, are you compliant? From the 24th of May 2023, the implementation of Beneficial Ownership filing on the anniversary of a company’s incorporation was made official. What we did not realise was that the filing of Annual Returns and Beneficial Ownership would go hand in hand, with Beneficial Ownership

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Tax preparation software South Africa

Simplifying Tax Preparation with GreatSoft Tax Software

Introduction: As the 2024 tax filing season approaches, tax practitioners and individuals alike seek efficient ways to navigate the complexities of tax calculations and submissions. Enter GreatSoft Tax, a powerful tax administration system designed to streamline the process for tax practitioners in South Africa. Let’s explore how GreatSoft Tax simplifies tax preparation and submission: 1.

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GreatSoft DraftWorx integration

Integration of GreatSoft and Draftworx for Importing Draftworx Trial Balance into GreatSoft ITR14 Corporate Tax Return

GreatSoft Draftworx Integration: GreatSoft and Draftworx, two leading software vendors in South Africa for accountants and auditors, have joined forces to enhance efficiency and accuracy in tax compliance processes. This partnership focuses on the seamless integration of Draftworx trial balances into the GreatSoft ITR14 Corporate Tax Return form, saving time and reducing errors for users.

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Month-End Close
Practice Management

Conquer Month-End Close with Streamlined Processes: Writing off WIP, Importing Statements, Recurring Billing, and More!

Month-end close can be a time-consuming headache. Between chasing down invoices, reconciling accounts, and writing off work in progress (WIP), valuable hours can be lost. But what if there was a way to automate these tasks and streamline your month-end processes? At Greatsoft, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to closing the

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Billing Software

Streamline Your Billing Process with GreatSoft’s CRM Recurring Billing Module

Are you tired of spending endless hours managing recurring billing and retainers for your accounting firm?  The tedious nature of these tasks can drain valuable time and resources, hindering your firm’s efficiency and productivity. However, there’s a solution at hand: GreatSoft’s CRM “recurring billing module” offers a streamlined and automated approach to billing, saving you

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