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Bruce Morgan thinks he has the best job in the world. He knows a lot about helping time based CRM practitioners become more efficient and profitable and is passionate about showing them how to make more money by using appropriate technologies. He is CEO of GreatSoft (Pty) Ltd, a world class cloud based business, an Endeavor Entrepreneur and the winner of the FNB Business Innovations Award 2015.


Bruce Morgan, CRM opinion leader.
CEO of GreatSoft (Pty) Ltd

6 Great Health Tips for Accountants Who Sit & Use Computers Daily

Here is a great  article on how to improve your health & wellness at work from Ezine Articles (ArticleSource: Beware of eye strain when working 8-hour days Eye strain, soreness, visual fatigue and headaches can all result from a computer screen set at an uncomfortable height or angle. You can avoid these 21st century

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Introducing GreatSoft GO!

SAVING YOUR PRACTICE TIME & MONEY No more wasted time or human error. Record data in real time and ON the GO! Our easy-to-use mobile application uses state of the art technology to offer you a mobile experience like no other. CHECK OUT THESE AWESOME NEW MOBILE FEATURES • Mobile Timesheets on the GO! •

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Timesheet & Leave Integration – You should never manage 1 process on 2 systems!

GreatSoft’s NEW INTEGRATED PAYROLL LEAVE & TIMESHEET solution saves work-duplication, saves time, eliminates human error, and stops leave and timesheet abuse. It will integrate directly with your GreatSoft CRM, and transform your payroll, leave & timesheets into one single integrated management system. CAN YOU ANSWER SOME CRITICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PRACTICE? 1. How many hours

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Work Healthier At The Office In 2019

Here are some excellent health tips from Longevity magazine. Author: Pie Mumbula, Longevity Magazine, 12 January 2019. With the holiday’s officially over, it’s time to get back into things at the office. With the average person spending half of their life at work, working hours are likely to take a toll on their health. Be

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Accounting Humour – Is a computer male or female?

A group of programmers came together during one of their four daily one-hour tea breaks, and were debating whether computers should be assigned male or female genders. None of them could decide what gender a computer should be. A consultant walked past on his first 3 minute break of the day, and overheard their argument.

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Accountants & Auditors – What makes a good technology partner?

It is often it is the level of local support that can turn a technology supplier into a trusted technology partner. GreatSoft understands how critical this is, and ultimately how this impacts on your practice. Rhona Havenga, explains how GreatSoft strives to ensure that clients have a technology partner that they can trust.

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